About Us


Recognized as most trustworthy and responsive package solution provider

We are serious in what we say and what we do. We are a team of committed individuals, who regularly meet customers across all industries providing logistics services.

Many of our customer were unhappy with their existing service providers and asked us to design innovative solutions. One happy customer led to another and one solution led to another. We decided to increase our focus on Transport Packaging Solutions.


What we are setting out to do !

With over 100 years of combined experience in the Logistics Industry, our founders and advisors have decided to create a dedicated company to focus on Transport Packaging.

We believe that Transport Packaging is as important as packaging of manufactured or finished goods and today there are very few Innovative Packaging Transport Solutions available to Indian customers.

There are many innovative solutions available across the globe and we have taken up the challenge to implement these innovative solutions for our customers.

How do we do this !

We have started Integrating technology with Packaging. We convert the basic job of packaging into a serious activity by involving experts to design the solution and later monitor the entire packaging process using technology at no additional cost. We can do at no additional cost because for years we have been experimenting and sharpening our skills, process and technology. Scaling up our operations, we are now ready to offer our proprietary solutions to support our next batch of 100 customers.